Episode 5 – A Return to Humanity

April 28, 2020
Jason is the author of Lean Change Management and founder of the Lean Change Management Association and Spark the Change Toronto
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LCMA Lean Coffee #5

This week I chat with Dawna Jones and Colin Mulholland about this being the perfect time to return to humanity. That means a shift towards purpose over profit, a return to community values, and this being a trigger point for generational change.

Show notes and links

Dawna: twitter | website

Colin: Linked In

6:40 – sustainability
8:00 – purpose over profit
11:00 – humans are inspired when working on something way bigger than us
13:00 – artificial boundaries between countries…how do we co-create change beyond borders
14:30 – responsive government
17:00 – the art of the possible
21:00 – what can individuals do?
32:00 – when outliers become the rule
45:20 – we never go back to the ‘old way’
48:00 – people change when they believe in the change


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