Think of changes as small, time-bound experiments


Once you’ve chosen your Options, they become Experiments. People often ask if you need to call every action you do as a change agent an Option or Experiment.

It’s up to you, I tend to use my best judgement. If I feel there’s too much overhead in writing down and tracking every activity, I won’t do it. I will also refer to some Experiments as a hack if I need to take action in order to figure out what my Options are in the first place.

Experiments have 3 main components:

Hypothesis: When you think a change is a good idea, you have a hypothesis and not much more. It’s based on your own bias. Make that bias explicit!

Measurements: How you’ll measure the outcome of the Experiment. For example, the Lean Coffee Experiment I mention in the book had simple measurements: number of people attending over time, which departments they were from, and what type of questions they were asking.

Big Picture: Your Experiment should fit into the big picture of your change. You can track this on your Change Wall.

Stories and Examples

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