Lean Change Management Canvases

Change Canvases are placeholders for conversations designed to align people towards a common purpose
Lean Change Management Change Canvas

Strategic Change Canvas

This change canvas starts the alignment process. It puts the emphasis on the questions that matter such as, why are we doing this? How will we know it’s working? How will we help people transition?
Lean Change Management Change Options Canvas

Change Options Canvas

How do you know the change tactics you’re executing are the right ones? Use this Change Options board to quickly prioritize and classify the types of Options that you’ll turn into Experiments.


Options Board (English)

Tablera de Opciones (Spanish)

Lean Change Management Experiments Tracker

Experiment Tracking Canvas

Change is as much art as it is science. Instead of having change activities, be explicit about using change experiments instead. This will help you focus on the outcome of the experiment.


Experiment Tracker -EN (English)

Experiment Tracker -ES (Spanish)

A Custom Change Canvas

People I’ve talk to about Lean Change and organizations I’ve used Lean Change with all seem to love the idea of change canvases. For me, I like to use them as thinking and sense-making tools. They make planning for change a whole lot faster and they do what they are intended to do. Provoke conversations.

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