What is Lean Change Management?

Lean Change Management is a feedback-driven approach to change management inspired by the best ideas from Agile, Lean Startup, Change Management and Design Thinking.

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What is Lean Change Management?

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How to Become a Translator

If you don’t see a version in the To Do or In Progress columns and want to translate the book, send us a note.

What Translators Get:

  • 50% royalties split with you and the publisher
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If the book is In Progress, you can ask us about becoming a reviewer. We generally limit the number of reviewers and it’s up to the discretion of the translator.

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What we expect from reviewers:

  • participation! You’ll work directly with the translator, so play nice!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I just get on a list and you’ll tell me when reviewers are needed?
    No. This is a logistical nightmare I don’t want to manage. Sorry!
  2. What happens if I don’t make progress on a translation?
    Your contract is canceled and all works become our property at which point we’ll hand it over to someone else. It’s reasonable for us to expect the project to take no more than 6 months.
  3. I don’t see a language listed on the To Do or In Progress columns, can I suggest a translation?
    Yes! Contact us.

Extra goodies, direct from the publisher

Lean Change Management - Book Package

USD29package_bagThis package contains:

  • a full-colour PDF,
  • ePub format
  • .Mobi format

Lean Change Management - Book + Videos Package

USD49package-ver2This package contains everything in the book package and adds:

  • The Art and Science of Change: exclusive mini e-book
  • Video Tutorial: How to create your own change canvas
  • Video Tutorial: how to create your own change framework
  • Video Tutorial: 3 Visualizations for architecting change


Lean Change Management - Complete Package

USD149package_withbagThis package contains everything in the Book + Video package and adds:

  • Video Interview: How to use and create various, fit to purpose, Change Canvases with April Jefferson
  • Video Interview: How to effectively manage a change program with Geoff Schaadt
  • Exclusive for the first 30 buyers: Learn with me! Skype coaching with Jason

You can now get this package for free when you join the Lean Change Management Association. If you’ve already purchased this, contact us to get a free membership.


About the Author

jasonWhile working at a call centre that supported a global, enterprise organization in the late-90’s, myself and a colleague decided to computerize the paper-based operating and call routing tables. Why? Why not!

After seeing the 70 local and, who-knows-how-many, remote workers complain about how ineffective were, we decided to learn how to program. A couple of weeks later, a Cold Fusion application running on Windows NT 3.51, O’Reilly’s Website Pro with a Microsoft Access database was born!

That application seemed to make people happy, and it was possible because management let us do it, even though it wasn’t part of our job description.

Over the years I moved away from development, and into project management and management.  In 2007 I “officially” discovered Agile and found my real passion. I say “officially” because what was known as “Agile” was just the way I preferred to work. What could be more awesome than inflicting Agile on organizations? How could they not love it!

After hitting many people over the head with the Agile stick for a couple of years I realized that implementing Agile had very little to do with Agile, and everything to do with change.

In 2009 I started experimenting with some ideas that eventually morphed into a video series published by Pearson Education called Agile Transformation: A Guide to Organizational Change.  Here I debuted a one-page change plan, and began bridging the change management, organizational development and Agile communities.

In 2012 all the pieces fell into place. I had the opportunity to work with Jeff Anderson who was experimenting with applying Lean Startup concepts to implementing Kanban.  Having recently launched two new products using the Lean Startup method, I was quite familiar with it already.  Applying Lean Startup to change was the missing spice from my lean change management cookbook.

Later in 2012, I released the first edition of Lean Change Management and this second edition book is the next evolution of many innovative practices you can use to manage organizational change.

This book explains the theory but also has a lot of tools that you can immediately use to implement changes in an efficient manner. He uses the lean approach of doing experiments rapidly, and pivoting as you get feedback and insight to the changes.

This is the first book that I’ve come across that has actually given me tools to effectively implement change…immediately.

David Dame

This book is direct from the front lines, steeped in Jason’s talent for creatively tackling the real-world challenges of helping organizations change, and is saturated with pragmatic Lean Startup and Agile practices.

This book introduces a radically new approach to actually executing change management in real-world, complex, dynamic organizations.

Neil LaChappelle

Changing yourself is difficult. Changing an organization? One might say impossible. And, Jason has written a handbook that allows you to consider ways to implement the impossible. With the idea of feedback-focused change, you can change an organization, one small step at a time. He’s done it. You can do it. Let him show you what works and what doesn’t. I love the stories. They ring true and follow what I know about change and people.
Johanna Rothman

Lean Change Management (C) Jason Little 2014

Publisher: Happy Melly Express

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All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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