LCMA Virtual Lean Coffee

What is it?

We’ve been running member and facilitator lean coffee sessions virtually via Zoom since 2014. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to run these publicly to support people where we can, and help others make sense of how the world has changed.

How it Works

We use Zoom and Lean Coffee Table to run the sessions. The recurring theme is: How Can I Help, What Help Do I Need?

While we are a for-profit organization, this is free, and the topics aren’t limited to Lean Change Management.

You might want help automating some business processes if you had to lay off workers. You might want help developing a new virtual service.  You might simply need ears to bend!

The Format

All attendees get 60-ish seconds to introduce themselves, how they’re doing, how the pandemic has affected them and why they’re here. Calls occur every Monday at 10am EDT.

After that, we use Lean Coffee Table to find the most important topic and whatever options and insights emerge are posted in the ‘show notes’


Episode 3 – What’ll be Different in a Post-COVID World?


Lean Coffee Table

Zoom running live and recorded tutorials

Will your industry be disrupted? (IE: what shape your change takes depending on your industry, likelyhood of disruption and your culture

Post-COVID world

Cynefin – Dave Snowden complexity “overview”



LCMA Virtual Lean Coffee #1

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