LCMA Virtual Lean Coffee

What is it?

These recurring public sessions have evolved into focusing more on how we can use this time we’re in to consciously re-design humanity.

Instead of public sessions, we’ll be chatting with various people around the world who focus on higher-level thinking.

How it Works

As ‘zoom bombing’ increases, it’s hard to personally vet 90 people who signup, so these are being placed on hold in favour or more specific, podcast-style, conversations about how we can use this time to return to a focus on humanity and sustainability.


Episode 5 – A Return to Humanity


6:40 – sustainability
8:00 – purpose over profit
11:00 – humans are inspired when working on something way bigger than us
13:00 – artificial boundaries between countries…how do we co-create change beyond borders
14:30 – responsive government
17:00 – the art of the possible
21:00 – what can individuals do?
32:00 – when outliers become the rule
45:20 – we never go back to the ‘old way’
48:00 – people change when they believe in the change



Episode 5 – A Return to Humanity

LCMA Lean Coffee #5 This week I chat with Dawna Jones and Colin Mulholland about this being the perfect time to return to humanity. That means a shift towards purpose over profit, a return to community values, and this being a trigger point for generational change....

LCMA Virtual Lean Coffee #1

LCMA Lean Coffee #1 How can we help the world? Shownotes: – : a great place to learn about remote working – : the tool we use to run virtual lean coffee – Focused Conversations – help leaders with having...

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