Stories of people using modern approaches to change management

Alternatives to Change Management Certifications

In 1998 I became an HP Certified Printer Repair person because I demonstrated the ability to replace PIU;s (Paper Input Units) at an alarming speed. It’s also been about 15 years since I received my first MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) designation for... read more

Why Agile Breaks Your Organization

A while back I was helping a marketing department with Agile, and that’s a story for another day. This story starts with a comment from a VP who was sponsoring the problem that this marketing team was working on. He said, “we tend to make it hard on ourselves to get... read more

Creating Alignment for Enterprise Transformation

Read any article about how to ensure successful change (or why changes fail), and you’re likely to see these patterns: we need communication, top-down support, strong leadership, a reason why (urgency), motivated individuals, and the right change method to... read more

Using Creative Visuals to Show Progress

In the project management world we take big projects and break them up into smaller pieces so they are less overwhelming to the people doing the work. This also makes it so we can track our progress. In Agile, we break them up into short iterations so we can create... read more

Removing the Mumbo-Jumbo from Change Management

A couple of weeks ago Thomas Cagley interviewed me for his SPaMCAST podcast. Oddly enough, a few days later, I had an opportunity to try another experiment using storytelling. That will be a post for another day! Listen Now! Topics we discussed: Storytelling in change... read more

Cause and Purpose, or Urgency for Change?

“Change or die!! Innovate for become obsolete!” This is the false urgency that Kotter warns about. Knowing the difference between urgency and false-urgency can be difficult. Maybe change agents should be focusing on something else to help organizations change.

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What Shouldn’t You Change?

In today’s world, the organizational lifespan is shrinking, and established organizations are trying to figure out how to remain relevant. Sometimes that means change, but sometimes it means keeping something that’s working.

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Using Storytelling in Change Management

Urgency for change is an outdated concept in change management. Cause and purpose for change is a more compelling way to help people align to transformational change. Learn how you can incorporate storytelling into change management by using a Storytelling Canvas.

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