Lean Change Management

Lean Change Management combines practices and ideas from the Agile, Lean Startup, change management, organizational development and psychology communities. This book will change how you think about change.

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When asked how likely you would recommend Lean Change Management, a purchaser of the Books and Video package responded with: “Because I already recommended it to my colleagues, so by doing it, I couldn’t vote for anything other than a ’10′ ;)

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Lean Change Agent

Lean Change Agent Workshop

This 2-day workshop is for Change Management Professionals, Agile Coaches, Managers and anyone who is passionate about un-covering more effective ways to introduce and manage change in their organization.

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“Changing yourself is difficult. Changing an organization? One might say impossible. And, Jason has written a handbook that allows you to consider ways to implement the impossible.

With the idea of feedback-focused change, you can change an organization, one small step at a time. He’s done it. You can do it. Let him show you what works and what doesn’t.

I love the stories. They ring true and follow what I know about change and people.”

Johanna Rothman

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Change VS Transformation

We believe that change happens continuously and mainly should be owned by the people who do the work, thus the responsibility of the work, managing the work and managing how to work shouldn’t be separated. So we recommend to use the tool in a joint session with everyone who is affected by the change. – Stefan Haas

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