The Lean Change Professional workshop is no longer being offered through the Lean Change Management Association. Instead of creating multiple workshops, the core and foundational Lean Change Agent workshop and an upcoming 1-day workshop will be the only ones offered. Additional ideas, content and support will be managed through a new online learning platform and membership association. Stay tuned for more details!

IMG_5292About The Lean Change Professional Workshop:

The Lean Change Management Professional is a “vertical” brand within Lean Change Management focusing on the management of change through a change team. it provides a methodological framework enabling a group of individuals to control a change program using the principals of lean change management as the foundation for all activities.

The “LCMP: Foundation” is a 2-day workshop that provides a basic understanding of the team framework. It is intended as a continuation to the 2-Day Lean Change Agent for individuals who want to apply it in a more formal context, or as an introduction to Lean Change Management for those individuals who want to start with a more formal process.

Learning Objectives

  • How to scale change through manageable interventions
  • How to co-create plans with lightweight tools
  • How to combine Lean Thinking, OD Technology and Agile
  • How to align strategic need with organizational capability
  • How to manage change programs using agile practices
  • How to respond to challenges with fit-for-purpose solutions
  • How to lead change from any level in the organization

Workshop Details

At this point, you must have realized that you can’t change other people. What you can change is your own behavior and the influence you have over others. Lean Change Management is based on Lean Startup principles, blended with some of the traditional change models and embellished with cool brain science. It takes an entire new perspective on the focus of control of change. Instead of controlling the outcomes, it simply controls the progress accumulated by experiments.

Lean Startup is based on having visible informational radiators (canvases) and experimenting with value propositions that deliver benefit to an end customer. Lean Change Management embraces this adaptive approach to change, since experimentation reflects our natural learning. And all transformation should be about delivering value, not about brainwashing people! In Lean Change Management we realize the simple truths: you can’t control the way people are going to respond to change, and people are more likely to be happy if they have a hand in designing the change.

This kind of empowerment to “change outside of the box” is exactly what Lean Change Management is all about. To recognize organizations as social networks which are complex adaptive systems, which will kill the spirit and product frustration if members feel hollow and devoid of meaning. No matter whether you are a human resources manager, scrum master, product owner, software developer or writer, you will leave empowered to change the world around you.

About Lean Change Management & the Panoptic Methodological Framework:

Lean Change Management is a collection of effective practices that help you introduce and manage transformation in any organization. In this workshop we will see how to apply the Panoptic methodological framework for Lean Change Management, which is a methodology for preparing and supporting individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational change with aims to reduce the time to adopt new business models by:

  1. Allowing strategy to be localized into specific fit-for-purpose execution styles,
  2. Combining and executing batches of experimentations, and
  3. Validating each integration with the stakeholders impacted.

“Its time to stop pushing change down the organization and start leveraging all the combined perspectives into a high-energy transformational wave.”