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Join our facilitator community and get a complete workshop and credential management platform, early access to new material, ability to run your own workshops, and more!

Workshop Management Platform

Lean Change Agent Facilitators get access to a fully automated event, attendee, and evaluation platform.

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and promotional material is provided along with individual support and mentoring to help facilitators grow their businesses.

Certificates and Credentials

Evaluations, certificate generation and digital credential platform for your attendees is included.



Countries Represented

How to Become a Facilitator

Step 1: Attend a Workshop

  • applicants must attend a 2-day Lean Change Agent in-person workshop to experience the format
  • Those interested in facilitating the IC Agile workshop will also need to go through their authorized facilitator process
  • virtual workshop attendees are not eligible to become facilitators
  • 1-day and custom workshop attendees are not eligible to become facilitators

Step 2: Check requirements

These are the recommended skills and experience for having your application approved:

  • Experiencing running experiential workshops (Training from the Back of the Room style, or collaborative and flexible delivery style)
  • Experiencing working as a change agent, whether that be in a traditional change role, or agile coaching role (Scrum Masters generally do not have sufficient experience working in the organizational layer)
  • 2+ years of training experience in an agile related field. (Management 3.0, IC Agile courses etc)
  • For ICP-CAT, you will need to meet their requirements for becoming an authorized instructor
  • An industry recognized coaching qualification (ICF, Results Coaching, IABC, ORSC, Co-Active) is a nice to have. Agile Coaching certifications are generally less demanding to obtain, but may still qualify.


Step 3: Apply Online

You can apply online and your application will be reviewed within a few days.

Once your application is reviewed, you’ll receive an electronic contract and invoice. Once signed, and paid, you’ll receive access to the facilitator network which includes:

  • private, facilitator-only community
  • private dropbox containing slides, course materials, visual facilitation tips and ideas, marketing material, and more
  • free access to the Lean Change Management Association
  • details for becoming an IC Agile authorized instructor (if desired)




Complete Facilitator Program Benefits

  • Discount on Lean Change Management books to give to your participants (English, German, and Spanish (early 2019) copies available)
  • Access to a private online community via Slack
  • Access to the source material and new content via Dropbox
  • Ability to promote your courses through this site (over 4000 unique visitors per month) and the Lean Change Management mailing list (over 3500 members as of Oct 2018)
  • free membership in the Lean Change Management Association
  • Personal support from Lean Change Management author Jason Little
  • Support for local meetups and marketing via ads, social media and google.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the license?

Base license: $3500 CAD paid annually, or $975 CAD paid quarterly

IC-Agile ICP-CAT add-on: $1000 CAD

On-going costs
: $60 USD per ICP-CAT certificate issued.

For details about corporate licensing for training organizations, please contact us.

Can my company be listed as a Certified Partner?

At the moment, no. The license is associated with the individual facilitator, although we are exploring corporate licensing. If you leave your organization, your license goes with you and the organization that was offering workshops cannot continue to offer them.

Can I customize the content?

As long as the core messaging is maintained, and 75% of the content aligns with the original 2-day Lean Change Agent course, facilitators are free to customize their workshops. Being a change agent is more art than science so it is simply not realistic to standardize a workshop and deliver the exact experience.


What if I have other questions?

You can contact us using the form below and we’d be happy to chat!

I'm ready to apply!

Have you read the details and are ready to go? The application should take about 15 – 20 minutes and it will be reviewed within a day or so. If approved, you’ll receive a digital contract, invoice, and access to the facilitator resources.

When I had a late-night bar chat with Jason at Agile 2013, I was convinced that there was high potential in the material he was working. After taking the course, that picture still sticks, and I want to follow suit on the journey.

Markus Gartner

Organizational Design Consultant, It-Agile

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