This 2-day workshop is designed to show you how to apply Agile, Lean Startup and Design Thinking to your change programs. You’ll learn what Lean Change Management is, as well as various light-weight tools such as Change Canvases, Experiments, Perspective Mapping and more.

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Lean Change Agent is the world’s only change management workshop that combines ideas from Agile, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking. Since 2014, thousands of people have attended worldwide, and many use what they learned right away.

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October 26-27
Bogotá, Colombia
November 4-6
Singapore, Singapore
November 4-5
Atlanta, United States of America
November 6-7
Monterrey, Mexico
November 7-8
Central London, United Kingdom
November 9-10
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
November 11-12
Moscow, Russian Federation
November 13-14
Mexico City, Mexico
November 14-15
Olten, Switzerland
November 14-15
Sydney, Australia
November 14-15
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
November 16-17
Bogotá, Colombia
November 18-19
Dallas, United States of America
November 19, 6:00 pm—8:30 pm
Zürich, Switzerland
November 21-22
Utrecht, Netherlands
November 22-23
Santiago, Chile
November 23-24
Guadalajara, Mexico
November 27-28
Nürnberg, Germany
November 28-29
Medellín, Colombia
November 30 — December 1
Lima, Peru
December 6-7
Mexico City, Mexico
December 7-8
Bogotá, Colombia
December 9-10
Barcelona, Spain
December 12-13
São Paulo, Brazil
December 12-13
Melbourne, Australia
December 14-15
Bogotá - Cl. 97a # 13a-57, Colombia
December 18-19
Culiacan, Mexico
January 20-21, 2020
Porto Alegre, Brazil
February 3-4, 2020
Cape Town, South Africa
February 5-6, 2020
Pretoria, South Africa
No events were found

I run a Change Function and wanted to learn more about agile change management as agile ways of working (e.g., labs) are becoming more common in our organization.

Kelly Duffin

Attended in Toronto in January 2019

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