Lean Change Management Workshops

The ability to facilitate successful change is based on the right balance between art and science. Great chefs can be thrown into a strange kitchen and create a masterpiece by combining the seemingly disconnected ingredients they find. That’s why we’re offering you a choice between workshops that teeter more towards the art of change, and the more structured science part of change. The original Lean Change Agent workshop is perfect for change professionals, agile coaches, and those new to change who want to learn how to become chefs. The new Lean Change Professional workshop for people in larger organizations who need may need more structure.

Lean Change Agent Workshop

Today’s fast-paced world is driving all organizations toward wanting to answer the question, how do we change faster? The problem is, most popular approaches to change predate Google and are based on plan-driven, linear processes. This 2-day workshop is designed to show you how to apply Agile, Lean and Lean Startup thinking to your change programs. You’ll learn what Lean Change Management is, as well as various light-weight tools such as Change Canvases, Experiments, Perspective Mapping and more.

Lean Change Professional

Today’s enterprise organizations want to learn how to change faster, but they may need a more structured approach to change. This 2-day workshop builds on the Lean Change Agent workshop by giving you a methodological framework that includes roles, ceremonies, and activities to help established teams in larger organizations start with an out-of-the-box solution. Think of it this way, if Lean Change Management is an API, Lean Change Professional is an approach built on top of that API that adds some additional structure for those who need it.

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2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop
Stockholm - 2018-05-23

2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop
Madrid - 2018-05-24

1-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop
Medellin - 2018-05-26

2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop
Lima - 2018-05-26

2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop
Santiago de Chile - 2018-05-28

2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop
Helsinki - 2018-05-28

2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop
Helsinki - 2018-05-31

2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop
Helsinki - 2018-06-04

2-Day Lean Change Professional - London
London - 2018-06-07

2-Day Lean Change Professional - Dallas
Dallas - 2018-06-11