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Vijay Reddy

Vijay Reddy
United States of America
8.87 / 10 Rating for private events based on 15 evaluations
Lean Change Agent Facilitator IC Agile Authorized Instructor

Attendees feedback

Michael Dougherty

He’s really great at bringing out discussions in people

Ashish Chandak

He helps bring out the thoughts in people in the forum. He speaks at the end once everybody has spoken.He connects the outside knowledge with the module learning beautifully. He encourages people to contribute more. He appreciates everybody. He shares the wisdom.

Rhonda Williams, Self

Vijay's approach was in fact, lending the change approach in how as a change agent, students can arm themselves with the tools and information needed to become impactful change agents. Vijay was good at listening with others as they shared their stories. Often when students had questions, he first allowed the students to provide input to possible solutions to questions before he chimed in to offer his expertise.

Sandra Wong

Patient, knowledgeable, helpful, passionate about the subject

Shanmuganand Sivaraman, Infosys

Patient & Methodical in his approach

Manohara Jakkireddy

1. Very knowledgeable 2. Clear understanding 3. Very patient 4. Always smiling 5. Creates very lively environment 6. Provokes thoughts with right questions 7. Clear intention to share knowledge rather completing course training

Venu Kozhummal

Excellent Knowledge beyond the course topics, allows extensive discussion among the cohorts, to ensure application of the knowledge the trainees are asked to create a Project around the leanings, selfless attitude - ready to spend as much time till team understands the concept, brings in different perspective, shared a lot of external readings

Soozan Bader, Infosys

Very dedicated, knowledgeable and patient

Suhasini Kaushik, Na

Deep Expertise of Agile landscape Goes extra mile to help people

Amudhan Palaniappan, Infosys Limited

Flexible, Openness, Excellent Facilitation and wide industry perspectives

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