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Melissa Kruger

Melissa Kruger
South Africa
8.68 / 10 Rating for public events based on 19 evaluations
9.33 / 10 Rating for private events based on 3 evaluations
Lean Change Agent Facilitator
As a seasoned Change Management professional, with a total of 9 years Change Management and Communications experience, predominantly within the financial industry, I tackle people change (transformational change) as well as changes to business processes, systems and technology (operational change) both creatively and sensitively; with my primary responsibility being to create and implement Change Management strategies and plans that maximise employee adoption and usage; and minimise resistance.   

Through the implementation of a structured framework, key conversations and building strong trusted relationships, I work to drive faster adoption, higher ultimate utilisation and greater proficiency of the changes that impact employees in the organisation. 

Attendees feedback

helen pentz, Consultant, Be Agile

Eager, positive, warm and engaging. They each brought individual strengths and different levels of insight. They did make the training enjoyable. I found Preason to have the most valuable input, and deeper knowledge

Natasha Naidoo

All the facilitators were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the course. Melissa Kruger stood out for me, she was honest and you good feel her passion LCM.

Annalinde Singh, Scrum Master, IQbusiness

Conversational style, good sense of humour, supported each other well

Thato Seolonyane , Principal, IQbusiness

Knowledgeable Interactive Out spoken

Myles Hopkins , CFO, Be Agile

Engaged well with the class. Was confident in her knowledge of the material

Samantha Sadie , Consultant, IQbusiness

They were very energized, they were very good at being explanatory in their definition, they were able to answer all our questions and encouraged discussion

Deirdre van Zyl Smit, Owner, Blank Page Consulting

They were all very knowledgeable, and they took time to understand each question before they answered. They considered the feedback, and I can really appreciate it when people are open to accept a complete different opinion - without becoming offended... which non of them did. And then my favourite - they all had a cool sense for humour.

Gabriela Johannes, Consultant, IQbusiness

Very confident in what they were presenting and seamless facilitation

Avile Masiba, Consultant, IQbusiness

Engaging, knowledgeable, flexible and open-minded

Rex van Schalkwyk, Consultant, Be Agile

a Good understanding of the subject matter.

Sandra Borrageiro, Issuer Regulation: Product Owner, JSE

They were extremely knowledgeable in the course content and experience in application. They encourage good debate and participation from participants

Tayla Montanari, Consultant, IQbusiness

Very interactive. They got along well and worked well together.

Nichola Berner, Director, UpTime

Very detailed about the topic, made the learning fun and spent enough time answering any questions through the process.

Reubebn Scheepers

Knowledge of the content, able to explain scenarios when required.

Ruenell Meyer, Santam

Speak fluently Kept us engaged

Roshon Omar, Private

Knowledgeable, engaging, knows material well and provided good practical examples

Faatimah Esau, Old Mutual

Created a conducive environment for learning. Created and displayed templates. Facilitated some fun and interactive exercises.

Sarika Mahadeo-Diercks

Managed time well Engaged the audience Encouraged group contribution

Uanne Nutt, IQbusiness

Confident, Relaxed, Competent, Friendly, Good sense of humour

Zain Hyder, Old Mutual

Very good subject matter Friendly and welcomed participation Created good flow of the 2 days

Zain Hyder, Old Mutual

Very good subject matter Friendly and welcomed participation Created good flow of the 2 days

Wihan de Wet, IQbusiness

Excellent understanding of the content, practical examples used, interactive approach to facilitating

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