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Matt Mansell

Matt Mansell
New Zealand
8.89 / 10 Rating for public events based on 56 evaluations
8.91 / 10 Rating for private events based on 32 evaluations
Lean Change Agent Facilitator Silver

I am all about helping people and organisations get better at what they do. Success, for me, is organisations and people growing, developing and being successful. If I can help on that journey, then it has been a good day. This is why I work. 

Attendees feedback

Umit Tacay, Silver Platypus

Good knowledge of the topics, good experience applying the techniques

Daniel Scott, IntegrationQA

Matt had good knowledge within the subject area and was able to articulate the principles well. Giving example based explanations really helped to put context around how to best use the techniques.

Sharon Taylor

Loved that Matt was open to going freeflow with dialogue and to focus on points that were of special interest to the group. I often find myself nodding off in the afternoons on a workshop, but that wasn't the case with this one!

Joel Madden

Great knowledge, personal reflections and responded well to the needs of the group.

Adam Burke, Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Knowledgable, approachable, experienced, empathetic.

Paul Raxworthy, Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Matt was able to draw on his extensive experience to illustrate points and answer questions

Rebecca Collins, Department of Immigration and Border Protection

The facilitator drew me into a conversation about change and used engaging exercises to illuminate and make real some of his points. His approach seemed honest and accessible. It brought out good dialogue among the participants.

Hamish Armstrong, IntegrationQA

Strong levels of experience, use of exercises and story telling

Chris Tuohy, Westpac

Knowledgeable and personable with a great training manner

Tania Crawford, New Zealand Transport Authority

Very engaging, kept the energy of the room up and a great ability to read the people attending, gauging when breaks where needed or keeping the flow of the conversation going

Sandra Murray

Knowledge, experience, ways of drawing people out, ability to establish an environment that created safety and respect

Robyn Elston, New Zealand Transport Authority

Real practical experience in using the tools .... great work stories that showed the methodology in action. Two way learning and interaction. We had some very experienced change managers in the room so it felt like a conversation between equals sharing view rather than a lecture.

Jude Kean, New Zealand Transport Authority

Made the concepts easy to understand, presented them with passion, included plenty of examples to back up his experience - when it worked, when it hadn't (appropriate for experiments) Also liked having a second facilitator who helped me see change lean in a different context (education).

Erin Hollands, ANZ Australia

Knowledgeable Self aware Friendly Inclusive Personable Experienced

Jack O'Neill, Cubic Consulting

Really strong knowledge in the industry. Strong skills as a facilitator. Didn't get put off by some lines of questioning or statements made by participants. Gave good insights. Listing of materials, books and references supported the content.

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