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Recent Articles

The Meaning of Co-Creation

Today is the first day of school, and while it's usually a time for parents to crack open a bottle of wine in celebration, today, we're cracking open a bottle of wine because they'll only be in classes for about 5 hours a week. I've received twenty-one emails since...

Co-Creating a Better Future for Humanity

Eight years ago, in 2012, I went to the first Lean Startup Machine event in Toronto where our team won first prize by validating our idea and selling our prototype for $50. At the time, I was working as a product owner, and my company was looking to be the first to...

Episode 5 – A Return to Humanity

LCMA Lean Coffee #5 This week I chat with Dawna Jones and Colin Mulholland about this being the perfect time to return to humanity. That means a shift towards purpose over profit, a return to community values, and this being a trigger point for generational change....

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