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Multiple Lean Change Agent, and Coaching Agile Transition Workshops are being planned all over the world. As a change agent

If you haven't found a workshop that is convenient for you on our workshop schedule page, you can request details on the locations below, or request a private workshop for your organization.

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ICP-CAT - Coaching Agile Transitions (New as of November 2019)



North America

These workshops are already scheduled:

Toronto, March 30-31, 2019
Chicago, April 14-15, 2019

These are being planned for 2020:

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These are locations under consideration, but more interest is needed to schedule one:


South America




Private Workshops

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I experienced an awesome usage and recombination of existing, "classical change methods" combined in a fresh and inspiring way to plan and execute changes… the lean way. A lot of shared practical experiences - by Jason and through given time for group discussion and cool group exercises helped me to understand the Lean Change Management cycle of - Insights - Options - Experiments. +1 for Lean Change - the workshop inspired me! - Sebastien Radics attended a 2-day Lean Change Agent workshop in Munich, Germany in May 2014

Feedback from Hamburg, December 2014