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The famous martial artist Bruce Lee once said ‘Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.’ Jason is the Bruce Lee of change management!
Stephen Chan

Attended in 2016

March 2, 9:00 am —
March 4, 3:00 pm CET
Daniel Skowronski
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Discover engaging practices and lightweight tools for planning/improving change and learn to lead a group of change agents. As a result the change will reinforce and will be propagated by coworkers.

The training is intended for:

change agents, agile coaches, scrum masters, leaders / team and department managers, board members, representatives of non-IT departments such as sales and marketing.

Shortened training outline:

→ Introduction - Establishing common grounds and goals for the training
→ Change Agent
→ Lean Change Management: Coaching Agile Transitions
→ Alignment - Lean Change Management Cycle
→ Insights and assessment of the situation
→ Options, classification and selection
→ The method of defining experiments involving people
→ People in change
→ Your own change framework - Introducing concepts in the organization
→ Training summary

A detailed description, pricing and training outline available at: https://valkir.pl/en/training/...

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