Perspective Mapping

The truth lies at the intersection of multiple perspectives

Perspective Mapping

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 1.43.54 PMWe all have our biases. Why not make them visible? Perspective Mapping is a practice that helps you, the change agent, facilitate meaningful conversations between executives, management and staff by helping each layer understand the perspective of each other in a safe way.

In smaller organizations you can simply run a retrospective with everyone. In larger organizations, that will be more difficult. It’s always a good idea to involve everyone from all levels in the same conversation but sometimes it isn’t always possible.


Stories and Examples

Change Readiness and Setting Expectations

As we close out November’s Lean Change Management Association (LCMA) theme, this article ties in what we sometimes forget about: expectations of the change agent. In the first article, I showed how to use a simple grid to do a change readiness assessment, and if...

Perspective Mapping

Once I was working with a team that was struggling to deliver one of those death-projects where no one understands why they're building what they're building and everyone, including management, feels powerless to stop.  Sometimes it's easier to muddle along and...