Lean Change Management

The book that started the movement to modern change! Available in English, German and Spanish, with more languages on the way!

Lean Change Management is a feedback-driven approach to change management inspired by the best ideas from Agile, Lean Startup, Change Management and Design Thinking.

This book will help you implement successful change and bypass change resistance by co-creating change. The book will do that through examples of how innovative practices can dramatically improve the success of change programs. These practices combine ideas from the Agile, Lean Startup, change management, organizational development and psychology communities. This book will change how you think about change.


This book explains the theory but also has a lot of tools that you can immediately use to implement changes in an efficient manner. He uses the lean approach of doing experiments rapidly, and pivoting as you get feedback and insight to the changes.

This is the first book that I’ve come across that has actually given me tools to effectively implement change…immediately.

David Dame

4.2/5 Amazon Rating (105 reviews)