Lean Change Management Practitioner

Lean Change Management Practitioners have demonstrated verified evidence of knowledge and application of Lean Change Management practices.

The Lean Change Management Practitioner is someone who has acquired knowledge and application level digital credentials, as well as verifcation from people in the organization in which they have used these ideas.

This is a milestone badge obtained by acquiring multiple knowledge and application based badges.

What’s Different About This Credential

A Lean Change Management Practitioner is someone that has provided evidence and validation of multiple application of Lean Change Management ideas:

Knowledge: by taking one of our workshops, you’ll acquire the knowledge of Lean Change Management and you’ll get a chance to apply the ideas on real problems in the workshop.

Application: By using what you learned in the workshop, you can apply for application-level badges by providing evidence of using these ideas. We understand there may be confidential information you cannot share and we’ll work with you to validate the information while keeping any information confidential

Validation: This is the main difference with our credentials. To acquire this badge, you’ll participate in a video interview and you will need to bring at least 2 people who were directly affected by the change to validate your story. The idea is to not paint a picture that everything was perfect, but to understand your perspective as the change agent, and the perspective of the people who were impacted by the change. Reason being, many other practitioner certifications rely on a case study that the change agent writes themselves. We beleive sharing stories with people affected by the change is more effective.

How to qualify:

For now, contact us if you’re interested in applying for this badge.

What You’ll Get

In addition to your¬†Practitioner Badge, you’ll be featured on this page as a Lean Change Management Practitioner as you’ve demonstrated evidence that you have the foundational knowledge as well as relevant experience in using modern change management practises.

As we evolve this program, additional benefits that reward people for the time and effort they spend implementing and sharing modern change management practises.