Lean Change Management Canvas Ninja

Earn your Canvas Ninja badge by completing three or more change canvas sessions

A Canvas Ninja is someone who has demonstrated evidence of facilitating meaningful conversations using Change Canvases.

You may use one of the standard Lean Change Management canvases found at https://leanchange.org/resources or a custom one provided the context is a change for leaders, a team, department or organization.

  • evidence from 3 change canvas sessions (why you ran the session, what canvas you used and why, and what happened. Bonus points for showing an outcome 1 month or after the session)
  • text-based testimonial from at least 1 participant in each session
  • pictures of the canvas, or from the session (with any sensitive information taken out)
  • if pictures are not possible, a mockup is ok provided there are stories and testimonials from people that were in the session