There is much the Agile Community can learn from the Change and Organizational Development communities, and vice-versa. In this podcast we explore how to use the best ideas from these communities in order to help people in organizations keep up with the pace of change in today’s creative world. Want to be on the show? Contact me!

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LCM Podcast EP 2: Solving Wicked Problems with The Hot Seat

This episode features Salah Elleithy, Agile Coach, Trainer and founder of Spark Agility. Salah joined an open session with me at Agile 2015 where myself and a few other people tried out a technique called The Hot Seat.

Salah recently tried this out with a client and in this episode we chat about why he wanted to try it, how he did it and what happened.

Lean Change Management Podcast

The first Lean Change Management podcast features Paul Gibbons, the author of The Science of Successful Organizational Change. In this episode we talk about what the Agile community can learn from the organizational development and change management communities.