There is much the Agile Community can learn from the Change and Organizational Development communities, and vice-versa. In this podcast we explore how to use the best ideas from these communities in order to help people in organizations keep up with the pace of change in today’s creative world.

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LCM Podcast 16 – Debugging Bureaucracy

In this podcast, we hand over the hosting reigns to Lean Change Facilitator Richard Atherton - one of the leaders of Lean Change in the UK. Richard first discovered Venkataraman on LinkedIn in 2016 and was attracted to his incisive writing on organisations. In this...

LCM Podcast 15 – What’s it Like Living Through a SAFe Rollout

This is the final podcast as I put the podcast on hiatus for a bit to focus on other activities. Most of the stories we hear about agile transformation, or a rollout of <insert the method name here>, it's from someone selling something, or from the consultants,...

LCM Podcast 14 – Meaningful Change at National Leasing

In October 2015 National Leasing started a big change. A year later they shared their progress on this blog. In this episode, I talk with them about what happened now that the change program has been completed.

LCM Podcast 13 – Sociocracy with Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

We underestimate the importance of psychological safety, and meaningful conversations when it comes to running our organizations. In this episode, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez explains the 3 structures of sociocracy, why organizations are choosing it, how they’re getting stuck, and what’s getting them past those sticking points.

LCM Podcast 12 – Agile Change Management Lessons from the Field

Nowadays, the word agile has baggage. Despite the amount of information out there, some still think agile means no planning, no process, and no documents. If you feel you have an agile mindset, it can be extremely difficult to work with those who "don't get it". If...

LCM Podcast 11 – Brains and Ears

There are more change frameworks out there than you can shake a stick at. We all have our favourites, but how necessary are they? We know change is hard, and we know the debates about why change fails have been circular over the last decade or perhaps longer. Yet here...

LCM Podcast 10 – How Organizational Change Mimics Social Movements

In 2001, the Agile Manifesto was created and along with it, a movement for a better way to build software. Since then over 40 methods, tools, frameworks and more have been created as the software world learned that 4 values and 12 principles alone were not enough. 16...

LCM Podcast 9 – Society’s Effect on Organizational Change

10 years ago you'd be laughed out of the building if you used words like love and vulnerability in the boardroom. Today, there seems to be a trend towards stripping away the noise as leaders understand that meaningful change isn't going to happen through the $4...

LCM Podcast EP8 – Letting Go of Control

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Ro Gorrell and Charlotte Mawle for their upcoming Change Ignition podcast. In this episode we talk about simple solutions for integrating change management and agile teams, as well as how letting go as a change agent helps you keep your sanity, and helps people realize you’re there to help, not to push change on them.

EP7: The Happy Melly Ecosystem with Elizabeth Plouffe

I was recently interviewed by Elizabeth Plouffe on her Across the Desk podcast. This is a re-broadcast of her podcast! In this episode we talk about the Happy Melly ecosystem is helping people understand the importance of workplace happiness, how we can focus on...

LCM Podcast EP6 – Are Centralized Change Teams a Good Idea?

The Guiding Coalition – Kotter’s 2nd step…but it is an outdated concept in change management or merely executed poorly by organizations? On this week’s podcast, I’m joined by enterprise agile coach, Ty Crockett where we debate the pros and cons of centralized change teams.

LCM Podcast EP 2: Solving Wicked Problems with The Hot Seat

This episode features Salah Elleithy, Agile Coach, Trainer and founder of Spark Agility. Salah joined an open session with me at Agile 2015 where myself and a few other people tried out a technique called The Hot Seat.

Salah recently tried this out with a client and in this episode we chat about why he wanted to try it, how he did it and what happened.