Lean Change Management Association

a professional association dedicated to modernizing change management with Agile and Lean practices

March’s Theme

Your Change Challenge. This month we’re experimenting with helping you solve your change challenge. Throughout March, we’ll be collecting challenges from members and they’ll be voting on the most important change challenge to use during our monthly members-only hangout.

Our goal is to help people get to action by helping them create options and ideally some experiments, and next month they’ll bring back what they tried and lessons they learned.

What’ll happen:

  • Members will suggest change challenges. Members will vote on the most important challenge, and we’ll create options and experiments during our monthly hangout.
  • Last month we generated $625 for the Ontario Black History Society. This month our charity is Obispado de San Isidro, chosen by Jose Pedro who generously translated Lean Change Management to Spanish on his own time which served as a starting point for the official translation. This is our thanks to Jose!

Join the LCMA!

The Lean Change Management Association is the world’s only multi-discipline change community focused on modernizing change management with lean and agile practises.

What is the Lean Change Management Association?

The Lean Change Management Association is the world’s only professional association that helps today’s change agents advance their skills with modern change practises inspired by agile, lean, design thinking, and lean startup ideas.

Each month we feature a new theme that will help you take away actionable ideas you can try in your organisation right away. We also donate a portion of membership fees to a different charity each month as our way of giving back.

Why Join?

In a world where most associations focus on standards and silos, this association is for changemakers of all disciplines to get help, to inspire and be inspired, and most importantly, focus on meaningful change.

Not only do you get access to exclusive content, such as video tutorials, stories, discounts on virtual training and more, we help you with real problems through our multiple monthly themes lean coffee session.

We believe a professional association should do more than re-affirm your beliefs. We believe a professional association should give you actionable ideas you can try right away. 

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