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  • Integrating Cultures with Lean Coffee (Lean Coffee, Stories)
    What happens when your organization is acquired and you have overlapping roles? Brock Argue tells us a story about they approached this problem, experiments they ran and what happened.
  • LCM Podcast EP5 – The Great Organizational Culture Debate (Podcasts)
    In EP4, Eric Lynn and I talked about changing culture and the concept of 'buy in'. A few people had their own thoughts about these topics! This episode is a response to EP4.
  • How much does change really hurt? (Stories)
    Sometimes there is more going on for people when change is introduced. This week's guest post comes from Lena Ross who is a change consultant, speaker and facilitator. She writes about how brain research is helping us understand more about how people process change.
  • 3 Tips for Simplifying Change (Interviews, Stories, Videos)
    Sometimes we over complicate change and put the focus on following our favourite model, tool, framework or method. In this interview with Richard Atherton, I suggest 3 simple things that can help you move your transformation forward.
  • LCM Podcast EP4: Culture – Can you measure it? (Podcasts)
    This week's podcast features Eric Lynn, founder of Culture Q's. We discuss culture change via conversations, whether you can measure culture and more!
  • People Must Be Told What To Do (Agile Transformation, Change Management, Stories)
    "We have to tell our teams what to do or they just won’t do it." How many times have you thought this? How many times have you had a conversation like this?
  • LCM Podcast EP 3: Pop Psychology, Organizational Coaching and Agile + Org Dev (Podcasts)
    This week we feature a rebuttal of Episode 1 with Paul Gibbons. What did people think of the 1st show? Have a listen as we debate pop psychology, agile and OD and more!
  • LCM Podcast EP 2: Solving Wicked Problems with The Hot Seat (Hot Seat, Podcasts, Stories)
    This episode features Salah Elleithy, Agile Coach, Trainer and founder of Spark Agility. Salah joined an open session with me at Agile 2015 where myself and a few other people tried out a technique called The Hot Seat. Salah recently tried this out with a client and in this episode we chat about why he wanted to try it, how he did it and what happened.
  • Lean Change Management Podcast (Podcasts)
    The first Lean Change Management podcast features Paul Gibbons, the author of The Science of Successful Organizational Change. In this episode we talk about what the Agile community can learn from the organizational development and change management communities.
  • The Marriage of Agile and Organizational Change Management (Change Management)
    The Agile community groans when late adopters discover it as being the greatest thing ever. I'll wager most Agile practitioners don't realize everything in Agile has been stripped from ideas that are decades old. It doesn't matter where these ideas came from, let's merge ideas from Agile, OD, CM and HR in order to build resilient organizations.
  • Using Change Canvases – A Story from Agile 2015 (Canvases, Stories)
    Teams often feel they have had Agile pushed on them and they simply have to go along with whatever is pushed from above. Change canvases help people in teams take ownership of their changes that align with the organization's purpose.
  • Navigating Organizational Complexity at Agile 2015 (Agile Transformation)
    Agile teams can fly under the radar until they bump up against the organizational boundaries. At that point, 'being Agile' and 'Agile mindset' discussions become useless for moving forward.
  • A Lean Change Starts with Insights (Gathering Insights, Interviews, Resources, Stories)
    People process change differently. Sometimes you can be explicit about how people are affected by change and use that in your retrospective to provoke powerful discussions.
  • Getting Agile in Change Management (Experiments, Stories)
    When faced with a desire to produce a big plan when introducing change, you have a choice. Here's how I dealt with this choice.
  • What every change agent needs to know about change (Stories)
  • The Shelf-Life of a Change (Change Management)
  • The New Change Managers (Change Management)
    Change Management is a relatively new profession. And it's changing rapidly. The more we learn, the more we realize that adapatability is the key, not blindly following a method. The New Change Manager is someone who understands what change management is all about.
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Change Method (Change Management)
    Many practitioners cling to the method of choice, yet the creators of those methods like to say that change fails 70% of the time. In this post I explore why you should create your own change method.
  • Perspective Mapping in the Enterprise (Agile Transformation, Change Management, Perspective Mapping, Stories)
    How do you know the changes you're working on are the most important to the organization? In a large enterprise, this can be challenging. I sat down with Joanne Stone, Agile Evangelist for TELUS to hear her thoughts about applying Perspective Mapping in her 40,000+ organization.
  • Creating Alignment for Agile Change at Agile and Beyond 2015 (Canvases, Change Wall, Options, Stories)
    Listen to April Jefferson's story about how she helped two teams and their management team transition to Agile by using strategic and team-level canvases that provoked deep conversations.
  • Announcing the First Lean Change Agent Facilitators! (Announcements)
    Become a Lean Change Agent facilitator and get on the path to bring meaningful change into the lives of people all over the world.
  • Making Sense of Change with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ (Canvases, Change Management, Stories)
    I'm often asked which tool or artefact to start with when it comes to kicking off a change initiative. Well, it's not about the canvas, it's about the conversation! Here's a story of how a couple of people used LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ to start the alignment process around a change initiative.
  • The Change Equation is Wrong (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
    Is there a change equation that, when followed, ensures successful change? I don't believe so, but read on and let me know what you think?
  • How HolidayCheck Got Started with Lean Change Management (Change Wall, Experiments, Stories)
    Find out how HolidayCheck started their journey with Lean Change Management. It can be much more simple than you might think!
  • Change VS Transformation (Agile Transformation)
    We believe that change happens continuously and mainly should be owned by the people who do the work, thus the responsibility of the work, managing the work and managing how to work shouldn’t be separated. So we recommend to use the tool in a joint session with everyone who is affected by the change. - Stefan Haas
  • Inspiration Behind Lean Change Management – An InfoQ Interview (Interviews)
    Lean Change Management is inspired by a variety of practices and many communities from agile to organizational development and neuroscience. Check out my recent interview with InfoQ about my upcoming talk at Darefest in Antwerp, Belguim.
  • Thinking Like a Change Architect (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
    Architecture is a fixture in software and construction projects, but what can change agents learn by applying ideas from architecture to organizational change?
  • How Do We Get “Those People” To Stop Resisting! (Change Management)
    Ah, the age-old question: How do we manage change resistance? This is the one and only strategy I know of to manage this problem.
  • Organizational Renovation (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
    "Transformation" is vague term. It sounds good to say "we need to transform" but it doesn't prepare people in organizations for what they're going to need to tolerate while "construction" is in progress.
  • 7 Wastes of Change Management (Change Management)
    In manufacturing and software, "waste" is considered to be a bad thing. But what about change management? Is something that is more unpredictable and uncertain affected by the same types of waste?
  • Executing Change Initiatives with Agile Practices (Change Management)
  • Tools for Visualizing Complex Change (Agile Transformation, Blast Radius, Canvases, Change Management, Perspective Mapping)
    If all you have is hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Cute, but false. A hammer is just a tool, it doesn't tell you how to use it. Here are 4 tools and visualizations you can use to help you make sense of complex organizational changes.
  • Building Your Own Change Management Framework (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
    People generally cling to what's familiar to them when it comes to choosing a change management framework. Of course, that preference might not be the right tool for the job. Here are some ideas for how to build your own change management framework.
  • Managing Change in Today’s Digital World (Change Management)
    Today's change management practices are not equipped to facilitate change in today's digital world. Learn 2 simple, yet powerful techniques for creating alignment for change by modernizing your change management practices.
  • Why Changes Should Be Called Experiments (Change Management, Gathering Insights)
    Change agents have biases. Sometimes we make the changes we think makes the most sense. Sometimes those aren't the right changes though. Thinking about changes as being time-bound Experiments is a more effective way to manage change programs
  • How to Create Your Own Change Canvases (Canvases)
    Lean Change Management will be released soon! Get a sneak-peek at some of the bonus material that will accompany the book!
  • Becoming a Lean Change Agent (Announcements)
  • Continuous Change (Change Management)
    It's time to stop running change initiatives like projects with a start date, end date and budget. Can we enable continuos change to manage today's pace of change?
  • Changing How We Think About Change (Change Management)
    Is the way we approach organizational change fundamentally broken? It's time to stop planning changes behind closed doors and co-creating it with the people affected.
  • Agile Transformation and Organizational Change Management (Agile Transformation)
    The Agile Community and Change Management communities have similar reasons for why change fails. Is there a relation between them? What can Agile learn from Change Management and vice versa?
  • Using Agile Practices with ADKAR (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
    There is much change management can learn from the Agile community, and vice-versa! Learn how you can apply Agile practices within the ADKAR change management model.
  • Standardizing Change Management? (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
    Standardized change management processes is what has gotten us into this mess. Can a better standard help improve how organizations change?
  • Managing the Chaos of Organizational Change (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
    Organizational change is hard. It'll be a whole lot harder if people on your change team are more concerned with being right than doing the right thing. Learn how to create alignment with your team.
  • Creating Alignment for Agile Transformation with Canvases (Agile Transformation, Canvases)
    From the Lean Canvas to the Business Model Canvas, there are many variations on "1 page plans" to help organizations solve business problems. This post will show you how to use canvases to manage your Agile Transformation.
  • Modernizing Change Management with Agile (Announcements)
  • Navigating Organizational Change (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
  • Change is Messy (Agile Transformation, Change Management)
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