Luis Mulato


Years Facilitating: 2
Events run: 10
Workshop Ratings
Public Rating: 9.15/10 based on 39 evaluations
Private Rating: 8.71/10 based on 78 evaluations




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A long time ago... I studied Systems Engineering and a MSc in Software Construction but when I had contact with the real world, I realize that theory is beautiful but my context don't understand that. I had been trainer and dev almost all my life because I love to teach/learn/dev with people, but very soon I changed my view starting to teach/dev inside the trenches from my real world and my own experience in the field. This path take me to find another ways to try in the battle field.

My principal skills: - I'm a passionate trainer ( Full training experience 15y). - I love software dev ( experience like founder and dev of three Software Dev companies). - I have a deep community spirit (co-founder of - First trainer of CSD in Colombia.

I'm Agile Coach and Trainer on AgileSpin were we enjoy co-creating awesome human environments with higher leves of consciousness.

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