Joao Gama


Years Facilitating: 2
Events run: 29
Workshop Ratings
Public Rating: 9.00/10 based on 45 evaluations
Private Rating: 0.00/10 based on 0 evaluations




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Joao helps individuals, teams, and enterprises understand reactive human behavior so as to introduce natural practices that induce desired outcomes. He potentiates change by enabling each person to see their typical contributions to current situations and the triggers that initiate default responses.

Joao is an tech entrepreneur, speaker, and facilitator that enables each person to step back and see the system of interaction instead of their own world. He is the creative force behind, a revolutionary mentoring and transformational crowd-sourced platform and, a training firm dedicated to helping individuals, teams and enterprises reach their potential.

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Lean Change Professional in Johannesburg on 2018-11-26