Annelies De Meyere


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Annelies tumbled into Agile by proxy through her husband and the interesting network she encountered, and started mixing these newly discovered skills in her day-to-day work as Service Manager in a high security environment with international clients.

Feeling the need for better communication across teams and levels within organisations, Annelies made the switch to become an Agile coach via Co-Learning. Helping companies adapt towards a more flexible way of working, guiding teams towards better results and facilitating change management. She is highly specialised in getting teams with different cultural backgrounds on the same level of communication, reaching far better results and stronger team bonds.

Annelies is a brainstorm facilitator, trainer and coach for teams and individuals, Management 3.0 facilitator and practitioner, Certified LeSS Practitioner and Certified Purple Belt Innovation Games Collaboration Architect.

Upcoming Events

2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop in Prinsenbeek on 2018-09-06

2-Day Lean Change Agent Workshop in Utrecht on 2018-11-08