Digital Credentials

We live in an age where knowledge is easily accessible. What will separate you from your peers is applying what you've learned.

Categories of Badges

Facilitator Badges

Red badges are only available to licensed Lean Change Agent Facilitators. Badges issues are determined through public and private workshop ratings, number of workshops run, and years of service.

Practitioner Badges

Green badges are awarded to practitioners who attend workshops, implement what they learned in the wild and more. Licensed Lean Change Agent Facilitators can also earn practitioner badges.

Brand Ambassador Badges

Yellow badges are awarded to people who contribute to advancing Lean Change Management by speaking at conferences, hosting meetups and more. Anyone can earn brand ambassador badges.


Why Digital Credentials?

There are plenty of change frameworks, methods, and tools out there. Regardless of what your favourite approach is, change only happens when we take action. We live in a world where access to knowledge is easier than ever, and and while knowledge will always be somewhat important, today’s past-paced business world values action and creative problem solving.

Lean Change Management does not issue certifications. Workshop attendees get a Certificate of Completion and the more you experiment with what you learned at a workshop, the more badges you can earn!

Apply for a Practitioner Badge

Seeker Badge

Have you read Lean Change Management? Post your thoughts about it on Good Reads and tweet a link to your review to #leanchange!

Explorer Badge

If you’ve attended a Lean Change Agent workshop, send us a copy of your Certificate of Completion and we’ll send you your badge that you can display on your social profiles, website, blogs, and more!

Storyteller Badge

Have you written about your experiences using what you learned from Lean Change Management? Contact us and provide the URLs of your stories that include validation from 3 people affected by the change and earn your Storytelling badge!

Experimenter Badge

Have you experimented with what you learned from Lean Change Management? This includes using a minimum of 3 techniques along with context of why you used them, how you did it, and what happened.

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Community Builder Badge

Are you hosting meetups? Have you created your own Slack channel to support people who want to learn about Lean Change Management? Are you donating your time to help non-profits and charities with change management by using Lean Change Management? This badge is for you!

Community Supporter Badge

Have you supported one of our initiatives, such as giving feedback and input on official Lean Change Management Association polls, surveys and online chats? It’s a small gesture, and we value your time giving us input into ideas and new programs!


How will the badges work?

The badges will use the open badge standard so they are portable to any badging backpack application. You can collect badges from Open Badge Passport from any issuer who is using that standard.

Really? A badge for reading a book?

Sure! Think about it. Some training companies CERTIFY you after sitting in a class for 2 days without even taking a test. Remember, knowledge is largely free in today’s world, why shouldn’t you be rewarded for learning from a book? The difference is, you’ll receive a knowledge-based badge, you still need to use the ideas in the wild to get an application-based badge!

Are these the only badges available?

Right now, yes. Our digital credential program is in its infancy. There are 4 facilitator badges available, but since they’re only available to facilitators, they are issued automatically. Get on our mailing list and you’ll get notified when we add more.