Digital Credentials over Certifications

Digital Credentials over Certifications

The debate about certifications will always exist. There are those that feel becoming certified in any knowledge related field after sitting in a class for 2-days is ridiculous, and on the opposite side of the table, there are those that support certifications as an...

Happy Anniversary Lean Change Management!

Last month marked the 3rd anniversary of the 2nd edition of Lean Change Management. 5th anniversary if you include the terrible Leanpub version, and 8th anniversary if you consider the blog post that started it all. Much has happened since then: ~10,000 copies of Lean...

LCM Podcast 16 – Debugging Bureaucracy

In this podcast, we hand over the hosting reigns to Lean Change Facilitator Richard Atherton - one of the leaders of Lean Change in the UK. Richard first discovered Venkataraman on LinkedIn in 2016 and was attracted to his incisive writing on organisations. In this...

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