The Inner Game of Change Podcast

In this interview, I talk with Ali Juma of The Inner Game of Change about Lean Change Management, how change management is changing and more.
July 26, 2021
Jason is the author of Lean Change Management and founder of the Lean Change Management Association and Spark the Change Toronto
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The Inner Game of Change Podcast

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I was recently interviewed by  Ali Juma of The Inner Game of Change podcast.

Ali is an inherently curious change management and communication specialist with over 20 years in operational leadership and change practice. 

About this episode

Welcome to the Inner Game of Change Podcast Where we focus on exploring the multi layers of managing organisational change effectively.

Our guests cover a diverse number of critical topics to enable change adoption including communication, leadership, training, change practice, process design, change capability and much more.

Today, my guest is Jason Little to chat about his book Lean Change Management and other topics too.

Jason is the founder of Lean Change organisation. I find Jason to be a passionate and authentic thought leader in the arena of Lean and Agile change with decades of experience and practice.

In this podcast, Jason will share his views on managing agile and lean change, as well as practical approaches underpinned by true stories.


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