Last December, Ty Crockett and I were back and forth on Twitter about our experiences with centralized change teams:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.36.46 PM

Well, it took a couple of months longer than expected, but we finally had the chance to connect and record the podcast! As with my previous podcasts, if you want to have your say, contact me and you can be on the rebuttal call in a couple of weeks!

Show Notes:

Ty is an enterprise agile coach at Improving (formerly Improving Enterprises) with a background in IT and he’s based in Dallas, Texas. You can find him on Twitter, Linked In and he blogs occasionally at

Topics we tackle:

  • experiences working with centralized Agile transformation teams
  • is the ‘guiding coalition’ an outdated concept?
  • what alternatives exist?
  • how has Kotter’s 2nd step been mis-interpreted
Jason Little
Author, Lean Change Management at Leanintuit
I began my career as a web developer when Cold Fusion roamed the earth. Over the following years, I moved into management, Agile Coaching and consulting. The bumps and bruises I collected along the way helped me realize that helping organizations adopt Agile practices was less about the practices, and all about change.
In 2008 I attended an experiential learning conference (AYE) about how people experience change and since then, I’ve been writing, and speaking, all over the world about helping organizations discover more effective practices for managing organizational change.