LCM Podcast EP 3: Pop Psychology, Organizational Coaching and Agile + Org Dev

This week we feature a rebuttal of Episode 1 with Paul Gibbons. What did people think of the 1st show? Have a listen as we debate pop psychology, agile and OD and more!
September 21, 2015
Jason is the author of Lean Change Management and founder of the Lean Change Management Association and Spark the Change Toronto
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This week’s episode features a few people from Canada, the US and Australia. Our topic, debating the arguments from Episode 1 with Paul Gibbons. Is pop psychology all that bad or is it necessary for more people to have surface knowledge as opposed to deep knowledge of these change models?

We also talked about organizational coaching and how agile and OD intersect.


Ro Gorrell: As an independent consultant, business coach, facilitator and author, I specialize in helping organisations understand and manage the lifecycle of change using three different yet connected approaches.

My core skillset is helping clients understand how change impacts business performance and helping individuals and teams move from current state to future state. This encompasses managing change, talent management, programme and project management as well as benefits management. My approach is practical, straightforward and to the point helping you create a change strategy fit for purpose – achieving outcomes that lead to benefits.

Ewan O’Leary: Ewan is an enterprise agile coach based in the US.

Phil Rogers: Phil is a Scrum Master in the Digital Media group at NPR, where he works as an agile facilitator with multiple teams. Before joining NPR in 2014, Phil served as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, for clients that include Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, and the Department of Homeland Security. Over his twenty-year career in the IT industry, other employers have included Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems, MPath Interactive (a massive multiplayer gaming startup), the US Marine Corps, and Family Health International (now called FHI 360). His career began with seven years of service as a USAF Officer.

Manjit Singh: Startup entrepreneur –Agile coaching & software development. Intuitive product designer. Passion for social justice. Founder . Mad soccer fan!


  1. Charlotte Mawle

    What a great discussion facilitated by Jason. It was good to hear the comments from Ro, Ewan, Phil & Manjit. The future looks bright when we have a community of people supporting and coaching organisations to embrace shared understanding, agility and change!

  2. Paul Gibbons

    Enjoying this very much… pity I had to miss it… a wonderful panel…


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