Using Change Canvases – A Story from Agile 2015

Teams often feel they have had Agile pushed on them and they simply have to go along with whatever is pushed from above. Change canvases help people in teams take ownership of their changes that align with the organization's purpose.
August 6, 2015
Jason is the author of Lean Change Management and founder of the Lean Change Management Association and Spark the Change Toronto
Change Agility by Jason Little

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Sometimes team feel they have no control over their own processes when Agile is introduced to the organization. A good practice to help teams align to the organization’s purpose for implementing Agile is facilitating a well-structured conversation that helps teams figure out what’s in it for them.

Team change canvases provide a mechanism for structuring the conversation and documenting the outcomes that teams can use to take ownership of their own change experiments.

I interviewed Steffan Surdek of Pyxis at Agile 2015 about how he used change canvases to help teams realize how much ownership and control they have over their own destiny.

This interview was live, and un-scripted and captured on my trusty iphone.



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