Creating Alignment for Agile Change at Agile and Beyond 2015

Listen to April Jefferson's story about how she helped two teams and their management team transition to Agile by using strategic and team-level canvases that provoked deep conversations.
May 4, 2015
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April Jefferson and I presented Creating Alignment for Agile Change at Agile and Beyond last week. This was the 4th time this session was presented and what is unique about it is that everyone I co-present with tells their story. They share how they customized their canvases, how they facilitated the canvas creation sessions, and challenges as well as outcomes they observed.

In each case, the conversation is what matters, not the canvas!

Here is the video of April walking through the canvases she created with two teams at the University of Michigan by walking the audience at Agile and Beyond through the actual canvases that were used. Enjoy!

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