lcm-podcastThere is much the Agile Community can learn from the Change and Organizational Development communities, and vice-versa. In this podcast we explore how to use the best ideas from these communities in order to help people in organizations keep up with the pace of change in today’s creative world. Want to be on the show? Contact me!

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Lean Change Management

LCM Podcast 15 – What’s it Like Living Through a SAFe Rollout

LCM Podcast 14 – Meaningful Change at National Leasing

LCM Podcast 13 – Sociocracy with Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

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LCM Podcast 11 – Brains and Ears

LCM Podcast 10 – How Organizational Change Mimics Social Movements

LCM Podcast 9 – Society’s Effect on Organizational Change

LCM Podcast EP8 – Letting Go of Control

EP7: The Happy Melly Ecosystem with Elizabeth Plouffe

LCM Podcast EP5 – The Great Organizational Culture Debate

LCM Podcast EP4: Culture – Can you measure it?

LCM Podcast EP 2: Solving Wicked Problems with The Hot Seat

Episode 1: Agile and Organizational Change with Paul Gibbons