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Organisational change can be a painful experience. Change is unique to every organisation and everyone has a different experience of it. I have been through significant changes at large organisations as a change agent, employee, or both. I learned that you must celebrate the uniqueness of an organisation and its staff. You also need to adapt to change as it occurs. Lean Change Management is the key to successful change. I am a consultant and coach with many years’ experience as a software engineer, manager, and change agent. My aim is to help organisations get to where they want to be. I do this by coaching, training, and facilitating discussions & workshops.



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"It's made me question all I've used and known about managing change for the last 34 years - another string to my bow!" - Lesley Bown-Jones ( /10)

"Very knowledgeable (in many areas, not just course material) and an excellent communicator" - Victor Page (10 /10)

"Very patient and engaging with the class" - Jose Casal-Gimenez (10 /10)

"Clearly spoken, knowledgeable, has on the job experience, approachable, friendly, great at time keeping. " - Amaad Qureshi (9 /10)

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