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Years Facilitating: 2
Events run: 23
Avg Rating: 9.00/10 based on 45 evaluations




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Joao helps individuals, teams, and enterprises understand reactive human behavior so as to introduce natural practices that induce desired outcomes. He potentiates change by enabling each person to see their typical contributions to current situations and the triggers that initiate default responses.

Joao is an tech entrepreneur, speaker, and facilitator that enables each person to step back and see the system of interaction instead of their own world. He is the creative force behind, a revolutionary mentoring and transformational crowd-sourced platform and, a training firm dedicated to helping individuals, teams and enterprises reach their potential.



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"He had many resources to explain things in a variety of ways and examples to make concepts easier to understand." - David Del Rio (9 /10)

"Persona flexible, que conduce sin invadir o influir a la reflexión, buen conocedor del contenido. Ha planteado ejercicios prácticos muy adecuadas al contenido y al ritmo de los participantes." - Susanna Delhomme (10 /10)

"Very prepared, great energy, he set things up beautifully and then let us stumble around without making it evident he was guiding - great facilitation style " - Paul Brown (10 /10)

"Joao was quite relaxed and I felt comfortable during the training. I liked the fact that we had breaks outside the training class. Joao is very gentle!" - Celine Haffner (8 /10)

"Honesty, integrity and open mindedness. Joao created an environment that encourages openness and learning. He made it look easy - even though to do it well is extremely hard. " - Jason Smith (10 /10)

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