LCM Podcast 13 – Sociocracy with Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

We underestimate the importance of psychological safety, and meaningful conversations when it comes to running our organizations. In this episode, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez explains the 3 structures of sociocracy, why organizations are choosing it, how they’re getting stuck, and what’s getting them past those sticking points.

LCM Podcast 11 – Brains and Ears

There are more change frameworks out there than you can shake a stick at. We all have our favourites, but how necessary are they? We know change is hard, and we know the debates about why change fails have been circular over the last decade or perhaps longer. Yet here...

LCM Podcast EP8 – Letting Go of Control

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Ro Gorrell and Charlotte Mawle for their upcoming Change Ignition podcast. In this episode we talk about simple solutions for integrating change management and agile teams, as well as how letting go as a change agent helps you keep your sanity, and helps people realize you’re there to help, not to push change on them.

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